It’s all about the king

This may not be the worst of them, but it’s certainly one of the most unfortunate stories of the Bible. It’s a story of a free fall from grace to grass. In the story, you’ll see glory truncating at its peak. This story will lead you to pray never to commit the same error as the victim. It will make you pay more attention to the details of your life. This story will re-echo whatever you need to get right to prevent you from being suddenly banished from Glory Land. Do have a reflective reading!

Vashti is the name. I used to be a queen until I was dethroned and replaced. Ordinarily, it’s my death that should make my position as the queen vacant, but while still living, another occupied my place. It didn’t just happen; something led to it. There was something I did that made my dethronement as the queen and my banishment from the king’s presence happen.

Let me save you the burden of how I got to become the queen. The Bible didn’t even think this was necessary. However, I can tell you that the day of my coronation as the queen remained the best of days in my life. The moment I became the queen, I immediately settled down, not only to love my husband, but to also carry out all duties duly assigned to the Office of the Queen.

Three years into the reign of the king, my husband, King Ahasuerus, threw a party to mark his anniversary. He hosted the princes, servants, the power of Persia and Media, the nobles and the princes of the provinces. It was indeed the largest and the longest party in history. It lasted 6 months! You’re probably wondering what would be the fortune of the land when its princes and those meant to handle serious kingdom matters are found continuously winning and dinning at the palace for six months instead of being behind their desks working for the good of the land. (More like your situation in Nigeria?)

Well, in spite of the stress, I still supported the king. Everyone with me worked tirelessly to ensure that the king’s party kept swinging for the six months. Hosting dignitaries for 180 days non-stop couldn’t have been an easy task, but I was committed to seeing it through. At the end, it all turned out a success!

You haven’t heard the last!

As soon as the big party was over, but just before I could relax, the king came up with a suggestion. In order to appreciate the palace servants and officials – janitors and cabinet officials, he wanted another party to last seven days. Did he just mention another party? You must be pondering if my husband ever gets tired of partying.  

After getting over the shock of his request for another party, an idea crept in on me. Since those in my cabinet gave everything to ensure the initial party was successful, why not allocate some money to the office of the queen to appreciate ‘my own’ as well. I went ahead to present my request before the king and God bless his soul, he approved my budget without raising an eyebrow.

While the king, therefore, hosted his servants at the court of the garden of the king’s palace, I also hosted the women within my own side of the royal house. Two parties were simultaneously rocking in the palace. Ordinarily, you don’t dare the king hosting a party at the same time with his, but it took the king’s benevolent heart to make this happen. He approved my party and funded it. He also opened up the royal ballroom for me to use. Oju rere ni mo ri gba! I was favoured, but sadly, I abused it! He gave me an opportunity to do my own thing within his house and with his resources, but I never knew I had boundaries of which I overstepped.

The party (my own party) was at its peak when seven of the king’s chamberlains walked in. You would be right to say that seeing these special servants amounted to seeing the king himself because they weren’t mere servants. These were servants serving right in the very presence of the king. (Est. 1:10) You don’t joke with such servants! I knew quite well they came in the name of the king and as they stood before me, I knew the king was standing, but you know how it is with women and parties.

They said the king wanted me to come over to his own party wearing the royal crown. “Now, here goes the king again; always at hand to disturb you from catching fun,” I yelled. For heaven’s sake, why would he want me to leave my own party for his? I wanted to know why the king, after serving him meritoriously for good 180 days, won’t allow me to spend mere seven days appreciating my own people without being disturbed. I actually felt irritated having to be at the king’s beck and call.

I was more puzzled when I got to know that all he wanted was for his guests (servants o) to see or appreciate my beauty. “Haba! When did I become so cheap and why will my king lowly esteem me,” I queried violently. If all he wanted was for me to leave my party for a beauty show before his lowly subjects, then tell the king to stop drinking. “I am too busy with what he provided for me to enjoy with. Tell him that I have a duty to carry out here; a duty too important to be left aside for a beauty parade,” I instructed the chamberlains to go tell their king.

Of course, you know that refusing this particular call of the king was my misdoing. In my three years of marriage, I didn’t understand that kings take delight in showing off. Every king with a masterpiece will always like to showcase it anytime and at anywhere. I understood too late that I was his masterpiece; his pride.

What came over me? Where did the courage and effrontery to refuse the king come from? While I thought I was highly seated and mightily connected, it didn’t take much effort to see me being dethroned as the queen and banished from his presence. What about my party? Don’t be funny! Which party? At the order of the king, the music stopped playing and the dancing immediately turned into mourning for me. I suddenly realized my nothingness without the backing of the king. It’s all about the king, isn’t it?

I had my beauty and lofty position as the queen, but not understanding why I was so much endowed made me become so proud. I plunged into oblivion because I forgot that the king’s glory and honour covered my nakedness and made me the person I was. They called me the queen, but I was stupid not to have known that I couldn’t have answered to that title had the king not graciously chosen to marry me among my mates. I, a Miss Nobody, became the queen only by the instrumentation of a royal marriage. There’s no queen anywhere without a king!

My beauty suddenly meant nothing. In fact, it depreciated the very moment the beauty of the king was stripped off me. Underrate so many things in your life, but never do take the king’s permission allowing you to do certain things freely for granted. Never hatch the idea of being independent of him. Don’t be deceived – the king does not need your permission to ‘interrupt’ the same party he permitted and funded.  

Now back to living in my family house at the village, I appreciated that my living in the royal house had everything to do with being the queen. Didn’t the royal crown on my head come to be mine simply due to the fact that the king married me? His royalties added to my beauty. In fact, they were my beauty; for when I was evicted, my physical beauty earned me nothing. Beauty with position minus respect for the king will only earn you dethronement and banishment.

If the king was not proud of me would he have invited me before his subjects? If he didn’t consider me as his stunning success, would he have thought of bringing me up the candle stand to give light to all in the room? The king was proud of me, but I let him down before his own people. Weep not for me, for even if my excuse was that the king was a bit tipsy, the fact that he told me to appear wearing my royal crown should have made me consider the invitation an official one that must be regarded. I disobeyed not only my husband in the house, but the entire land he ruled over. How come I didn’t realize that he was both my husband and my king? If he chose to overlook my excesses as my husband, would he do the same as my king? He represented two authorities over my life and sadly, I disobeyed both.

My sin against the king was not treated as a family issue that could be swept under the carpet. It was rather treated as an official matter. I overlooked the fact that as the queen, I was, in a sense, an authority. I didn’t realize that some people will find bearing for their lives from my own life. As a queen, people looked up to me, but I didn’t realize it. I never knew that I could be yanked off the throne before my bad example would become endemic. For this, the wise men would not allow my sin to go unpunished. I must not be allowed to go scot-free. My sin must not be approved for other women in the land to copy; for when the women hear it, they’ll start treating their husbands with contempt…they will be out of control. Is that what we want, a country of angry women who don’t know their place?”                       Est. 1:17-18 The Message.

My Lord! I didn’t realize so much was invested in me as a queen. The wife to the king is not just an ordinary woman in town. I was a mirror for younger ones, but I turned out being a corrupt mirror that must be broken before the evil I reflect becomes the norm in town. I was a leader to generations growing under me, but I was banished from the king’s presence as a proof of my rottenness. The land would not allow an unfit leader/model to pollute the system. Remove this bad apple before it spoils the entire bunch!

Dear reader, you live only by the life he gives to you. The money in your account is the money he provided by the virtue of being his queen. His wealth came to be in your possession because he married you. You wouldn’t have had anything to call your own if he didn’t release them to you as his queen. Will he be asking for too much after giving you a throne next to his?

I never knew of anyone better than myself, until I was sent packing. If you really want to know someone better than you are, simply step out of the king’s favour. By doing this, you will understand that the king’s favour made it look all along as though you were the best around. The palace of your king will surely discover a better person than you the moment you ‘dis-grace’ your grace. I assumed I had it all, but I was surprised that the princes found someone better. Esther ruled from my throne as a better queen. She obeyed the king and became involved in the deliverance of her people. She also had a party, but she didn’t misbehave in any way to the king.

Are you, therefore, claiming to be the best around in terms of beauty, brilliance and spiritual stance? You may actually be good, but remember there is always someone out there that your fall will help to produce. Your appearance as the best in town is only tied to the favour you have received. The moment you flagrantly despise your king, you’ll be surprised that a better queen has been out there all along.

Is the reader married to Jesus? This story may not be a perfect example of your marriage to the KING of kings, yet the lessons are well spelt out for you to learn. He is the KING and by marriage, you are his Queen. You live by the life He gives. You are who you are because He is first who He is. You run your party, so to say, with His resources and you’re glorified among men, because His glory is upon you. You are honoured, because He chose to marry you among your equals. His grace lifted you from the grass and set you on a lofty position with Him. You live for Him and Him alone. You’re all about the king!  

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