Presenting ‘Tabithaic’ Situations Alive:

We mourn the situation of the church; sadly, that is all we do. We wail over what we have lost in our society, but that is all we do. It’s easier for us to mourn our dead and look around for burial ministers than to trust God for revival.
In summary, we have become a people given to mourning, ministers given to burial services. We step into dead offices and there we mourn, unable to bring life therein.

Ain’t no superman

They had their dreams and they were not just dreamers; they took daily steps towards actualising their dreams.
Nevertheless, the rains came and got soaked by the earth. Their shining stars faded with the morning sun.
Today, they are no more, making us look as though we are better managers of the same life the Creator gave us.


The voice of the blood of those innocent young students is still being heard across Africa. They, along with their living contemporaries, are still crying for attention.
They are not asking for the impossible. They are not asking for the moon, sun and stars. They are only asking to be given a pathway that leads to a glorious future.

What about a Royal Scribe

With these other issues ensuing, the palace must, therefore, act fast and smart. They must come to terms with the fact that lifesaving decisions must not only be arrived at, they must be diligently circulated. After all, life is meant to flow to retain its liveliness and multiply itself. 

It’s time to sell

Raise high what you have on the candle stand. Annouce your gift to the world. Be proud of your calling. Tell the world what you know. You have been in the locked room for a while, it is time to go out and sell.

OUR STORY – Freedoom at last

Brothers, I was damn so self righteous. I was better in my eyes than every other person. I was gifted in comparing and contrasting my lifestyle with others, coming out to give myself a pass mark at the end.