A Memory of Mom

My mother lives in Heaven. Mother’s Day is a difficult holiday for me because I always miss her even more…

Partners’ Ship

Here you have Peter’s thoughts amplified for your sake: “Should I keep trying, trusting and praying that this net will not give way, as it is appearing, or should I let go of my selfishness and pride to call for help?”

What a System!

It’s a system across the globe,
Same across tribes, tongues and nations.
It filters through colours and races
There are no boundaries, no limits.

Pen to Save

It won’t be fair not to appreciate the Palace Scribes for not allowing negligence or laziness to make them ignore trapping Mordecai’s deed in the book of records.

If they had felt it wasn’t important to have it written, not only would Mordecai have been killed, the king would also have been misled by Haman. History would have been twisted.

Our Story (Part 9): Graduation Night Party

Well, you know so well that you expect us to be angelic as children of pastors. Unfortunately, we stand no chance of convincing the world that since we were born human beings, we also must undergo the process of transformation like every other person out there.

For Such A Company We Pray

Tell me, are you saying, even, unbelievers understand the power of having a formidable company?

Hmm! Probably, more than we do.

Brethren, no matter the size of a company, what is important is for its members to align their different thoughts into one.

Let’s go fishing

Remember, He called us to follow Him, not because of what we have already been, but because of what He can make us – He called us to make us nothing else, but fishers of men.

We fish for souls across nations, tribes and tongues!